About me

I’m no sex guru.


I’m just a girl in search for “essence feminine”. I’m sharing my story, my path for search of woman’s deepest desire, ineffable bliss, orgastic experience.


I started my sexual life extremely blocked, locked and diseased. I was completely incapable of intercourse. However, something in my knew, that I too must be able to experience some pleasure…


When I saw or heard about whole body orgasms, I thought that this was reserved to some great sexual masters or extraordinary women who were born that way, I wasn’t hoping to ever get there, I just wanted some simple enjoyment…


So I set on a path to find it. I did many human experiments on myself to discover the world of orgasm…and where I reached went beyond my belief. I started having experiences I never believed were possible for me. I also had many setbacks, many choices I would never repeat, as they threw me back further to being closed, blocked and even phobic of touch…from which it took once again time and conscious effort to come out.


Sometimes when life shakes us into pieces, breaks us down, takes away seemingly all that we are or we have or believe to be, it gifts us at the same time a profound opportunity to find ourselves. Just then when masks drop, the weight is shed, it is then when we look inside, we see who we truly are. Connecting to your depth you find love, nothing more and nothing less.

This is where I am today. The path continues. The world of orgasm is an infinite universe in itself and I believe it can take a lifetime to discover its depths. 


What I do know and promise, that it is possible for every single woman to awaken orgasmic energy within, and start experiencing deep, truly satisfying orgasms, with or without a partner, with or without stimulation. And this will affect your physical health, your emotional balance and mental wellbeing. It can make radical changes to your whole experience of life.


On this course, I’m taking you to my journey. My naked truth. However, my aim is not for you to follow my footsteps, but to use these practices and teachings to connect to yourself, to connect to your womb wisdom, to connect to your “essence feminine”. It is there, waiting to be awakened.  The true teacher is within each and every one of You.

-Karolin Tsarski